Not only do we give excellent advice, we also focus our time on developing personal relationships with each and every client, no matter how large or small.


I frequently receive calls from investment advisors. I have over 40 years’ experience in this area so I often let them pitch to me and am always surprised and disappointed at what was being offered. Namely, very expensive products that had a distinct lack of visibility on costs and performance. The fees tended to be about 8% to 125% of the first year’s payments and most of the products sold are tied up with insurance. Small wonder when people want quick access to their hard earned money they are shocked to discover that even after 5 years it is worth less than they have paid in. This is not what people deserve. InvestMe Financial Services LLC was created to be different and offer the highest standards and practices to clients in the Middle. We give access to a specialist investment advisory service at a cost that is lower than the internal feel structures of a mutual fund and far lower than most in the region.

I first came to the Dubai to set up the UAE office for Prudential Bache and was licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE. I have now been based in Dubai for 20 years pioneering a transparent and client focused Investment Management model while challenging the traditional untrustworthy practices in Financial Services in the Middle East. I believe people deserve to be able to trust their financial adviser and should always understand what they’re investing in. I contribute regularly to articles discussing financial matter for the national press in the UAE. I’m always available for a coffee if I’m not in meetings!

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Gordon Robertson

Gordon Robertson

ME Group Chairman

Gordon is an entrepreneur and a veteran in the financial services industry having over 30 years experience. Gordon previously worked for Merrill Lynch and Prudential Bache Securities in Dusseldorf and Dubai, his last position was Executive Vice President and GM for the Dubai branch. He has since built up a ...



Investment Manager

Ferial is Investme’s Financial Analyst. She has 24 years experience in financial services, 20 of those years spent advising clients. Most recently, Ferial was Senior Vice President/private client financial advisor at BNP Paribas/Fortis bank, originally joining Prudential-Bache Securities Dubai and Monaco offices in 1999, prior to Bache’s purchase by Fortis. ...